Lenzing: Sustainable red carpet fashion at th...

Sustainable red carpet fashion at the Oscars

(Source: Lenzing)
(Source: Lenzing)

To encourage and inspire positive change in fashion, Lenzing’s textile brand, Tencel, and RCGD Global (formerly known as Red Carpet Green Dress) have collaborated for the 4th consecutive year to spotlight eco-couture at the 95th Academy Awards, the Oscars. Adhering to this year’s Oscars sustainable style guide, produced by RCGD Global, Bailey Bass and Chloe East showed up at the Oscars red-carpet with bespoke sustainable occasion wear made of the lyocell fibers Tencel and Tencel Luxe filament yarn manufactured by Lenzing AG, Lenzing/Austria.
»As one of the most-watched moments globally, red carpet fashion at the Oscars is often regarded as a benchmark that has the tendency to propel global fashion trends. We hope that by giving sustainable materials a greater representation at the Oscars, we can draw attention to the need to lower the environmental impact of the fashion industry. We hope that through our collective efforts, we can contribute to the establishment of a carbon neutral fashion industry in the coming decade.«
Harold Weghorst, Global Vice President of Marketing and Branding, Lenzing AG

Tencel, Red Carpet Green Dress = registered trademark

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