Lenzing: Recognition as “sustainability champ...

Recognition as “sustainability champion”

 (Source: Lenzing AG)
(Source: Lenzing AG)

Lenzing is actively involved in tackling the problems arising from climate change by implementing its science-based targets. In 2019, the company set the strategic goal of halving its greenhouse gas emissions per ton of product by 2030. Its vision for 2050 is to achieve climate neutrality. 
The rating agency MSCI Inc., New York, NY/USA, has upgraded its rating for the Lenzing AG, Lenzing/Austria, from “A” to “AA” as of September 2021. As a result, the company ranks among the top 6% of companies rated in its peer group. 
The upgrade to the MSCI ESG rating will also lead to a reduction in Lenzing’s interest expense. Lenzing placed a bonded loan worth €500 million in November 2019, which is linked to its sustainability performance. In accordance with its commitment under the bonded loan placement, the company will donate the full amount of the interest expense saved thanks to the rating revision to a project it supports.

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