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Spider silk production affected by corona

(Source: Kraig Lab)
(Source: Kraig Lab)

Prodigy Textiles, Kraig Labs’ Vietnamese subsidiary, is able to produce enough silk to create a number of different fabric blends. These fabrics were designed in partnership with Kings Golden Harvest Pte. Ltd., Singapore, for use in products under the jointly owned Spydasilk brand and were expected to be produced in Vietnam by the end of Q2/2021, but must now source mills outside of Vietnam. The increasing COVID-19 related restrictions in Vietnam and elsewhere are preventing the delivery of finished fabrics to PL Kings.

The technology of the producer of genetically engineered spider silk-based fibers Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc. (Kraig Lab), Ann Arbor, MI/USA, was designed to be a direct drop-in for traditional silk production systems. Operations at Prodigy have demonstrated that its specialized silkworms can be easily raised using traditional methods. At this time, the company has not been required to close its Prodigy Textiles facility, but with lockdowns increasing in several cities, the company is preparing for every potentiality. Travel restrictions and the required closure of many business segments of the economy, including transportation across Vietnam, have significantly slowed the company’s production operations.

In anticipation of these delays and restrictions, Kraig Labs’ US R&D headquarters amplified its support of Prodigy’s production operations by significantly increasing its egg supplementation capacity to ensure a stable supply of eggs. A shipment of 100,000 Dragonsilk eggs was sent from the Company’s US facility, in June, to test the efficiency of this contingency plan and boost production at Prodigy.

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