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Kraig Biocraft

Creating new applications for Dragon Silk

(Source: Kraig Biocraft)
(Source: Kraig Biocraft)

Biotechnology company Kraig Biocraft, which is focused on the development and commercialization of spider silk, has contracted Jeff Dorton, a textile expert, to assist the company in developing new and innovative yarns and fabrics utilizing Dragon Silk.
Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI/USA, wants to create new composite yarns and fabrics utilizing spider silk. The initial customer for these yarns and fabrics will be Spydasilk Enterprises, the company’s joint venture (JV) apparel brand, headquartered in Singapore. Following the launch of Spydasilk apparel, the company plans to expand collaboration with Dorton to create several additional yarns and textiles, for applications spanning the performance and luxury textiles market and beyond.
Dorton led some innovations in next-generation textiles for the performance wear segment. Utilizing his extensive network of mills and spinners around the globe, he is currently working to drive the manufacture of the first spider silk fabrics.
Dorton is Vice President of Product Development and Material Innovation at LifeLabs Design Inc., Sunnyvale, CA/USA. Previously he directed material innovation efforts for The North Face, Alameda, CA/USA, and Under Armour, Baltimore, MD/USA.
His career highlights include developing Intellectual Property in fabric and insulation commercialized by leading performance wear brands around the globe. He has balanced this work in innovation with a solid commitment to environmental responsibility and drive to sustainability.
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