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Kelheim Fibres

High-performance absorbent pads for washable diapers

(Source: Sumo/Valeria Mitelman)
(Source: Sumo/Valeria Mitelman)

The Sumo diaper is a sustainable and washable cloth diaper made entirely from bio-based materials, offering high performance and innovative design. High-performance absorbent pads for the reusable diaper are being presented at this year's Cellulose Fibers Conference from March 8-9, 2023.
The diaper from Sumo GmbH, Berlin/Germany, offers a reusable alternative, consisting of a waterproof shell and absorbent pads. To enhance the performance of the pads, Sumo collaborated with Kelheim Fibres GmbH, Kelheim/Germany, a leading viscose specialty fiber manufacturer.
Together with the Saxon Textile Research Institute (STFI), Chemnitz/Germany, Sumo and Kelheim Fibres have developed a high-performance absorbent pad that is free of fossil-based materials and has already been awarded the Techtextil Innovation Award. Kelheim's functionalized specialty viscose fibers with modified cross-sections, which ensure particularly high absorbency and extremely low re-wet values, are the basis for the innovative construction.
To ensure the washability of the product, needle-punched/thermally bonded nonwovens were chosen, consisting of a mixture of specialty viscose and PLA bicomponent fibers.

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