JGST: Carbon fiber production line completed

Carbon fiber production line completed


At the Climate Ambition Summit it was announced that by 2030, China’s carbon dioxide emissions/GDP will drop by more than 65% from 2005, and non-fossil energy will account for 25% of primary energy consumption. Around this time, the forest stock volume will increase by 6 billion m³ over 2005, and the total installed capacity of wind and solar power will reach 1.2 billion kW.

The project delivered by Jinggong Science and Technology (JGST), Shaoxing, Zhejiang/China, in 2020 is the latest 25K/50K large tow carbon fiber production line launched by the company. The operating speed of the production line is 16 m/min, and the annual output of carbon fiber is 2,500 tons. Except for the winding machine, the whole line is designed, manufactured, installed and debugged independently by JGST, including the yarn creel, original yarn manipulator, humidification system, etc.
To ensure controllable quality, JGST has a precision manufacturing company that has internationally advanced CNC machining centers, with CNC laser cutting and welding production lines, and CNC sheet metal production lines, among other things.
In addition to the 2,500-ton carbon fiber production line, JGST is also launching a customized production line according to market demand. The 1 m wide 1K/3K/6K small tow carbon fiber production line currently under construction is even more high-end. Moreover, the company is currently preparing for the construction of 4 large carbonization lines in Jilin/China and the customization of large tow pre-oxidation furnaces.

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