IVL: Study: Covid-19 fight helped by recycled...

Study: Covid-19 fight helped by recycled PET

(Source: IVL)
(Source: IVL)

While there have been countless difficulties and effects related to the pandemic, it has presented many learnings too. A recent study by IVL, shows how using recycled plastic bottles to create world-class medical equipment was proven helpful in not only the Covid-19 fight, but also as a way to support ongoing plastic waste management.
In a pilot project tested in 2021, Indorama Ventures Public Company Ltd. (IVL), Bangkok/Thailand, together with numerous partners, organized the donation of 8,000 PPE suits and 1,000 bedding sets, made from 9.35 tons of recycled post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) bottles. They were then woven into fully recycled polyester fabrics, which were coated to be water-repellent to prevent infiltration by viruses.
What made the PPE suits unique was that they were not only certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Textile Institute of Thailand, but were also reusable and washable up to 20 times. This further reduced environmental waste commonly associated with single-use disposable personal protection equipment (PPE) items.
By using rPET to create the medical equipment, they reduced 244.48 tons of CO2 emissions. Furthermore, because the 8,000 suits can be safely washed and re-used, they reduced the use of disposable PPE suits by up to 240,000 suits. At the same time, they also reduce the amount of waste from medical treatment and services. This provided tangible proof that post-consumer rPET bottles are fully recyclable and able to bring more value to recycled PET products as recognized by medical personnel in terms of hygiene and quality. In addition, the study showed that the rPET PPE suits are trusted by the medical community for their reusability.

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