IVL/Polymateria: Partnership for biotransform...

Partnership for biotransformation technology for fibers and nonwovens

Source: Polymateria
Source: Polymateria

Biotransformation technology allows the companies to bring disposable products a unique managed lifecycle and further expand an already extensive catalog of fiber/spunlaid offerings. To commercially harness the innovative biotransformation technology pioneered by Polymateria Ltd. London/UK, a partnership has been formed with fiber producer FiberVisions Corp., Duluth, GA/USA, and spunlaid nonwovens manufacturer Avgol India Pvt. Ltd., Madhya Pradesh/India, both part of chemical company Indorama Ventures Public Co. Ltd. (IVL), Bangkok/Thailand.

The patented technology alters the properties of polyolefins to make them biodegradable in a natural process. The focus of these efforts will be in the launch of non-oxo-degradative components for personal protection masks and face covering, hygiene, agricultural, industrial and homecare applications.

The use of biotransformation technology will support application in non-virgin resin recycling while providing a solution for ‘fugitive’ used articles, including those items that have not been properly recycled or disposed of. This process involves the material decomposing into a wax, wherein the wax is further degraded by environmental bacterial action into carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

The first prototypes developed through the partnership have been tested and are compliant in the new BSI (British Standards Institute) standard for Biodegradation, PAS 9017. In meeting this standard, fiber and fabrics are confirmed to form no harmful microplastics as part of the biodegradation process.

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