HeiQ : New bio-based fiber comparable to PET ...

New bio-based fiber comparable to PET and PA

(Source: HeiQ)
(Source: HeiQ)

HeiQ has introduced AeoniQ, a new fiber made from 3rd generation cellulosic biopolymers. This high-performance cellulose yarn is based on a new fiber derived from carbon negative materials, of cellulosic biopolymers that during growth bind carbon from the atmosphere while generating oxygen. This high-performance yarn is positioned to potentially substitute synthetic filament yarns which constitute over 60% of global annual textile output. Further, when compared to conventional cellulosic products, HeiQ AeoniQ yarns do not draw on arable land, pesticides, or fertilizer in their production.
AeoniQ yarns of HeiQ Materials AG, Zurich/Switzerland, are designed for cradle-to-cradle circularity and can be recycled repeatedly while maintaining consistent fiber quality. The manufacturing process is expected to consume 99% less water than cotton yarns and HeiQ AeoniQ is designed to offer comparable performance properties to polyester, polyamide, and conventional regenerated cellulose yarns.
The Lycra Company, Wilmington, DE/USA, is the first development partner for these novel yarns. In Q2/2022, the first HeiQ AeoniQ yarns from the pilot production facility are to be delivered to brand partners focused on sustainability.

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