Haelixa/Damteks: Traceable recycled acrylic f...

Traceable recycled acrylic fiber

(Source: Haelixa)
(Source: Haelixa)

The Swiss traceability company Haelixa, and Damteks Tekstil have announced a collaboration to mark and trace recycled acrylic fiber. Damteks is offering their recycled yarn to customers with the unique Haelixa DNA already attached.
The Haelixa solution is DNA markers which are solved in liquid and applied to fibers as a fine spray. Spot checks are completed after spraying to determine the presence of DNA and identify the product. The test is based on PCR technology that is 100% reliable and has forensic validity.
Damteks Tekstil Sanayii ve Tic. A.Ş., Istanbul/Turkey, saw an increase in demand for blended yarn in 2022. The request is most often a composition of 30% recycled fiber with 70% standard fiber. They are offering the yarn with Haelixa DNA to validate the recycled acrylic in the mix.
»The textile industry is adapting to the requests of consumers and regulators for more transparency and credibility when it comes to eco-friendly materials.«
Dr. Michela Puddu, CEO and Co-Founder, Haelixa

The new partnership will continue throughout 2023. The traceability program has the DNA sprayed on the recycled fibers before spinning. The project also saw the use of a tailored Haelixa liquid sprayer. When manufacturers do not have built-in moisturizing systems, Haelixa Ltd., Kemptthal/Switzerland, provides them with a custom unit to shower the DNA liquid onto the fibers. This unique sprayer is engineered to match the mechanical processing of the customer.
Damteks plans to offer marked and traced yarns in different dyes as their offering to brands, to add additional credibility and reliability.

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