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Transparency with new digital blockchain solution

(Source: FibreTrace)
(Source: FibreTrace)

Approx. 60% of fashion consumers want more transparency about the production journey of their clothes. FibreTrace, has released a free digital traceability solution to the textile industry, which maps the global textile supply chain from fiber to retail. The platform provides transparency in one easy to use, globally accessible platform with no fees attached, eliminating the barrier to transparency for producers, manufacturers, brands and retailers.

Currently, 50% of the world’s largest fashion brands continue to disclose little or no information about their supply chain. However, transparency has become a priority on political agendas and legislative development from the USA’s Fabric Act to the The Sustainability Pledge of the UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe), Geneva/Switzerland.

»The lack of accountability within the textile industry has left the door wide open for social and environmental neglect and misconduct.«
Shannon Mercer, Chief Executive Officer, FibreTrace
Powered by Blockchain technology from one of the global leaders in traceability technologies, FibreTrace, Singapore, FibreTrace Mapped provides a digital centralized chain of custody for unlimited users. Unlimited accessibility is available due to the cloud-based software solution, with the functionality to upload order and shipping documentation, and incorporate existing environmental and social compliance credentials.

The platform is system agnostic and can integrate with various product and data management systems and tools and allows users to set up their company profile, add colleagues, register their own sites, and invite partners across the supply chain.

FibreTrace Mapped works with any fiber, material, certification, document, data and integration, in one intuitive system where all information is protected, private and secure.

For enhanced traceability, FibreTrace Verified combines physical tracing technology with the digital platform to provide trust, verification and authenticity of fiber.

FibreTrace = registered trademark

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