FibreCoat: Product line for aluminum-coated b...

Product line for aluminum-coated basalt fibers

(Source: FibreCoat)
(Source: FibreCoat)

At the JEC World 2022, May 3-5 in Paris, FibreCoat will introduce its new AluCoat product line for the first time as part of the Startup Booster competition. FibreCoat GmbH, Aachen/Germany, uses the aluminum-coated basalt fibers to produce short fibers, yarns and fabrics for electromagnetic shielding in electric vehicles, aerospace and buildings, among other applications.
The company has succeeded in sheathing individual basalt fibers with aluminum in an economical process, reducing production costs to a fraction of those of conventional methods. The innovative high-performance fibers not only improve existing products, but also enable completely new EM shielding applications in electric vehicles or aerospace applications with lightweight, flexible fabrics. AluCoat also opens up new possibilities for smart textiles or shielding in buildings.
The product line includes chopped fibers and yarns that consist of up to 100 individual fibers, as well as woven fabrics or nonwovens. They are thermally and electrically conductive and temperature resistant up to 600°C. The material properties can be precisely adjusted through parameters such as the thickness of the coating or the diameter of the core fibers and adapted to customer-specific requirements. At the same time, FibreCoat's coating technology offers significant quality and cost advantages in electromagnetic shielding compared to existing technologies such as pure aluminum fibers, aluminum foils or sheets.
At the JEC Forum DACH in Frankfurt/Germany at the end of November 2021, the start-up won the “JEC Composites Startup Booster” competition, due to the fact that it makes it possible to use cost-effective 2-component materials in lightweight construction, electromagnetic shielding and industrial filtration. This also qualified FibreCoat for the Startup Booster competition at JEC World 2022 in Paris.

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