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Aluminum-coated short fibers as filler material

(Source: FibreCoat)
(Source: FibreCoat)

At the JEC World 2023 in Paris/France from April 25-27, 2023, FibreCoat will present aluminum-coated short fibers as a functional filler for technical polymers. They are electrically and thermally conductive and at the same time lighter, cost-efficient and in some cases even stronger than metals. The material properties can be adjusted very precisely. Thus, for example, plastic housings of electronic devices can dissipate heat more quickly or e-mobility components can be shielded from electromagnetic radiation.
Chopped AluCoat fibers from FibreCoat GmbH, Aachen/Germany, are short, aluminum-coated basalt fibers suitable for various matrix systems, such as PA, PE or PP. This provides fiber-reinforced polymers (FRP) with electrical and thermal conductive properties as well as a shielding function against electromagnetic radiation and additionally a particularly high strength.
The material properties can be precisely adjusted through parameters such as the shape of the coating or the sizing as well as the fiber density in the matrix, and adapted to customer-specific requirements.
Conductive plastics have decisive advantages over metals or coated plastics in several industries. They are lightweight and at the same time highly strong, and do not require coating, painting or other additional processing steps. As a result, component costs can be reduced by up to 50%.
Furthermore, AluCoat enables easy EMI shielding in electric vehicles or aerospace applications. It also provides a solution to all problems where electrostatic charging or poor conductivity of plastics play a role.

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