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India’s potential to lead circular textile sourcing

(Source: Fashion for Good)
(Source: Fashion for Good)

A first-of-its-kind study, and the most comprehensive analysis of the Indian textile waste landscape, the report “Wealth in Waste: India’s Potential to Bring Textile Waste Back into the Supply Chain” has been released by Fashion for Good.
With global fiber-to-fiber recycling increasing, India is in a unique position to leverage existing infrastructure and resources to emerge as a leader in capturing waste, implementing new sorting and recycling technologies, and reintroducing its textile waste back into the global market, securing its role as a leading circular sourcing region.
Commissioned by Fashion for Good, Amsterdam/Netherlands, as part of the Sorting for Circularity, India Project, the study was conducted in collaboration with Sattva Media and Consulting Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru/India, Saahas Zero Waste, Bengaluru, and Reverse Resources, Dhaka/Bangladesh, specialist organizations in strategic impact, waste, resource and data management, and the scaling of textile recycling infrastructures.
To enable an effective transition towards circularity, the study attempts to fill the data gaps that exist in the textile waste landscape in India. By building a better understanding across 3 key streams, domestic post-consumer waste, pre-consumer waste and imported waste, and by mapping stakeholders, geographical flows and recognizing challenges in the current infrastructure, the study aims to help ecosystem players to orchestrate actions and devise solutions and mediate accordingly.
Outlining the potential for collaborative and systemic interventions to fortify circularity in the Indian textile waste industry and reintroduce it into the supply chain, the study:
1. enabling visibility and access to waste,
2. harnessing recycling potential of India, and
3. establishing systems, infrastructure and regulations for waste management.

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