EconCore/Basaltex : Better rigidity and safet...

Better rigidity and safety for new basalt fibers composite

(Source: EconCore)
(Source: EconCore)

A significant step forward in developing and testing a new composite material solution comprising fibers of basalt combined with EconCore’s patented honeycomb technology has been achieved by Basaltex.

This new material development has greatly improved fire resistance and is highly rigid, as well as maintaining the usual honeycomb properties of light-weighting. Basaltex NV, Wevelgem/Belgium, has tested the composite of basalt fibers, a bio resin and rPET honeycomb. Filaments of only stone fibers are extruded at a temperature of 1,450°C, similar to glass but with a number of advantages, not least the absence of boric acid in the process.

Combining this ecological fiber with the sustainable technology from EconCore NV, Leuven/Belgium, using rPET, and the bioresin polyfurfuryl alcohol - 100% derived from a waste stream of sugar cane - make this a very sustainable and environmentally friendly product.

In railway applications, which require materials with enhanced fire resistance, such sandwich panels could be deployed in applications such as cladding panels, partitions, tables and flooring. The thermoset skin layers give a fast cure at elevated temperature, meaning short cycle time and enabling automated production. This new material combination could be used in any application that requires fire performance combined with a low weight.

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