DuPont: New Kevlar MicroCore for safer electr...

New Kevlar MicroCore for safer electric vehicle batteries

Source: DuPont
Source: DuPont

With Kevlar MicroCore, DuPont , Wilmington, DE/USA, is introducing a new high-temperature-resistant, super fine fiber material planned for use in battery separators to help address the growing demand for safer, higher-performing lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles (EVs).

Unlike other materials currently used in battery separators, Kevlar MicroCore is inherently non-flammable and won’t shrink – even at temperatures up to 300 °C. Throughout rigorous testing, Kevlar MicroCore has demonstrated better lithium ion transfer abilities in the battery separator, ultimately leading to potentially faster charging and higher power for EVs.

DuPont is working in collaboration with Nippon Kodoshi Corp. (NKK), a Japan-based manufacturer of separators for energy devices including lithium ion batteries, to bring the benefits of this innovative material to the market with NKK’s TopNove made with DuPont Kevlar MicroCore. NKK’s capability and expertise in producing thin and uniform paper made them an ideal collaboration partner for this specific project.

With its combination of properties, Kevlar MicroCore has the potential to be a real game changer that can take EV batteries to the next level of safety and performance.

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