Covestro: Carbon2Polymers for sustainable pla...

Carbon2Polymers for sustainable plastics

(Source: Covestro)
(Source: Covestro)

On the path to climate neutrality, the development of new raw material sources is of central importance. The Carbon2Chem project is investigating, among other things, where cross-sector networking between the steel and chemical industries is possible. The German government is funding the project until 2024. Covestro is contributing its expertise to the Carbon2Polymers sub-project.

The objective is to explore the use of carbon monoxide (CO) from steel industry metallurgical gases for the production of high-quality polycarbonates. Covestro AG, Leverkusen/Germany, has now commissioned a mini-plant for this purpose at its Dormagen/Germany site. This is where it is tested whether the quality of the CO from metallurgical gases is sufficient for further processing.

The innovative process has great sustainability potential: Initial life cycle analyses show that around 0.48 kg of CO2 equivalent can be saved per kg of CO provided in the steel industry-chemical industry alliance. This means savings of more than 80%.

The project proves how important industrial symbiosis is on the path to climate-neutral production in Germany.

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