Cotton Egypt Association @ ITMA 2023: Protect...
Cotton Egypt Association @ ITMA 2023

Protecting the Egyptian Cotton name

(Source: CEA)
(Source: CEA)

Established in 2005 as a non-profit association, CEA exclusively manages and promotes the registered Egyptian Cotton logo trademark, owned by the Ministry of Trade & Industry and Alexandria Cotton Exporter’s Association. CEA is also responsible for the licensing program.
Cotton Egypt Association (CEA), Giza/Egypt, is taking part in the ITMA exhibition in Milan/Italy from June 8-14, 2023. Within an exclusive partnership, Bureau Veritas provides testing and auditing services to verify Egyptian Cotton at any stage of the supply chain. The goal is to protect the Egyptian Cotton name and brand as well as reassure consumers that the Egyptian Cotton is 100% pure with no additional blend.
The mission of the association is protecting and promoting the value-add of the Egyptian Cotton identity in supply chains end-to-end. To rid the supply chain of falsely labeled goods, CEA introduced a traceability process and a cutting-edge DNA testing process able to recognize the genomic fingerprint of Egyptian Cotton.
All accredited manufacturers are strongly encouraged to use the Egyptian Cotton logo to certify that their products are made of our 100% pure Egyptian Cotton.
CEA is supporting sustainability by collaborating with the Better Cotton Program launched in Egypt by UNIDO in 2020.

Egyptian Cotton = trademark

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