Borealis: Acquisition of 10% in Renasci for n...

Acquisition of 10% in Renasci for novel recycling solutions

(Source: Renasci)
(Source: Renasci)

Borealis has entered into a multi-dimensional partnership with Renasci, a provider of innovative recycling solutions and creator of the novel Smart Chain Processing (SCP) concept. The partnership is another way for Borealis to bring circular base chemicals and polyolefins to market, and to deliver on its promise to bring 350,000 tons of recycled polyolefins into circulation by 2025.

The SCP concept developed by Renasci NV, Ostend/Belgium, is a proprietary method of maximizing material recovery in order to achieve zero waste. It enables the processing of multiple waste streams using different recycling technologies. At the newly-built Renasci SCP facility in Ostend, mixed waste – plastics, metals, and biomass – is automatically selected and sorted multiple times. After sorting, it is first mechanically recycled, where after any remaining material is chemically recycled into circular pyrolysis oil and lighter product fractions, which are used to fuel the process.

Having acquired a 10% minority stake in the company, Borealis AG, Vienna/Austria, will collaborate closely with Renasci to evolve and scale up the unique SCP technology.

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