Avient @ ITMA 2023: Sustainable colorants and...
Avient @ ITMA 2023

Sustainable colorants and functional additives for fibers

(Source: Avient)
(Source: Avient)

At the ITMA 2023, the trendsetting fiber, textile, and garment exhibition taking place from June 8-14, 2023, in Milan/Italy, Avient will be highlighting its latest portfolio of colorants and functional additives for spin-dyeing, dyes, chemicals, and finishes for the mass coloring and modification of synthetic fibers. This includes sustainable solutions that can enable recycling, support human health and safety, reduce energy use, and offer eco-conscious alternatives to traditional methods.
Colorants and additives for spin-dyeing
Solutions from Avient Corp., Avon Lake, OH/USA, for spin-dyeing include a wide range of colorants to achieve high-quality dyeing of extruded fibers. The colorants, provided as concentrate pellets, are added to virgin or recycled polymers during yarn manufacturing as a one-in-one manufacturing/dyeing process. The company will feature Remafin fiber colorants for spin-dyeing polypropylene (PP) fibers, filaments, and nonwovens, along with Renol fiber colorants for polyester (PET) and polyamide (PA) fibers and filaments. These include black colorants developed for the coloration of PA and PET yarns with specific undertones or where ultraviolet (UV) protection may be required. High black pigment loadings are also available to offer an efficient coloration package with deeper black options for higher-end textile applications such as automotive upholstery.
 Avient’s portfolio of Cesa fiber additives, which can help enhance performance and improve the processing of extruded fibers, will also be on display. These additives include concentrates for UV stabilization, flame retardancy, antimicrobial effectiveness, antistatic performance, oxidation protection, water repellency, processing aids for recycled fibers, and more. Also, including safe and sustainable offerings, these fiber additives can help fulfill technical and regulatory requirements.

Dyes, chemicals, and finishes
In addition to its colorant and additive solutions, Avient will also exhibit its MagnaColours ITO range of textile dyes, chemicals, and functional finishes. MagnaColours is one of 8 brands under Avient Specialty Inks, along with Union Ink, Rutland, Wilflex, Zodiac, QCM, Printop, and Avient Specialty Inks, that also provides water-based inks for screen printing. The MagnaColours ITO range can offer optimized textile performance to meet strict industry compliance standards through a wide range of UV treatments, fire retardants, dyes, chemicals, and other treatments. The company will highlight key ITO range solutions, including Itoguard Aquashield+ non-PFC water-repellent agents and Itowash RWB low-temperature wash-off agents for reactive dyes.
Remafin, Renol, Cesa, Union Ink, Rutland, Wilflex, Zodiac, QCM, Printop = trademarks
MagnaColours = registered trademark

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