Avantium/Origin Materials: Partnership for ma...
Avantium/Origin Materials

Partnership for mass production of plant-based polymers

(Source: Avantium)
(Source: Avantium)

Aiming to bring the technology platforms of both companies together in order to produce FDCA from sustainable wood residues on an industrial scale, Avantium and Origin Materials have formed a partnership to accelerate the mass production of FDCA and PEF for use in advanced chemicals and plastics.
Furandicarboxylic acid (FDCA) is the key building block for the biopolymer polyethylene furanoate (PEF) – a 100% plant-based, fully recyclable plastic material, with superior functionality and a significantly reduced carbon footprint compared to conventional plastics. PEF can be used in a wide range of applications such as bottles, packaging, films, fibers and textiles, which represent major end-markets.
This new partnership brings together the proprietary YXY Technology from Avantium that converts plant-based sugars into FDCA, with the patented technology platform from Origin Materials, Inc., Sacramento, CA/USA, which turns carbon found in sustainable wood residues into useful building-block chemicals such as chloromethylfurfural (CMF). Bridging these 2 complementary technologies creates a route that can convert sustainable wood residues via CMF into FDCA.
Avantium N.V., Amsterdam/Netherlands, is currently constructing the world's first commercial-scale FDCA flagship plant in Delfzijl/Netherlands. The company has signed offtake agreements for the supply of FDCA and PEF to major brand names and industry leaders for a range of applications. Origin Materials has recently reported that it has mechanically completed its first commercial manufacturing plant Origin 1 in Canada. This plant is anticipated to produce materials including CMF from sustainable wood residues, which can subsequently be converted into high-performance products used in packaging, textiles, apparel, automotive, and other applications.
The technology partnership between Avantium and Origin includes a non-exclusive industrial technology license agreement, providing Origin Materials access to relevant parts of Avantium’s process technology to enable the conversion of Origin-produced CMF derivatives into FDCA at a 100,000 tons/year scale facility. Avantium will also execute a development program under the license agreement to establish a bridge between Origin’s and Avantium’s technologies. Origin Materials expects to incorporate Avantium’s process technology into the supply chain for product from its future plants.

YXY = registered trademark

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