Asahi Kasei: Roica turns 50 and unveils its b...
Asahi Kasei

Roica turns 50 and unveils its brand-new visual identity

Source: Asahi Kasei
Source: Asahi Kasei

Since 1971, the premium stretch fiber Roica from Asahi Kasei Corp., Osaka/Japan, has found applications in fashion, lingerie, activewear, hosiery and textiles with smart innovation.

Roica’s new identity is an upgrade and milestone of the brand’s evolution path which merges performance, innovation and responsible imprint. The 2 main pillars are continuous research and development (R&D) and developing synergies. Innovation activities focus on new contemporary stretch functionalities with high integration of sustainability. Synergies and partnerships will be made with leading responsible innovators throughout the whole value chain, people and companies sharing the same goals.

Balanced geometries, calibrating color and different anatomical details: the visual identity is then declined in 5 different designs, each for one of the 5 applications that can be enhanced by Roica yarns: Activation for performative sportswear garments, Aqua for smooth swimwear, Style#Fit for casual wear and athleisure, Essentials for next to skin lingerie and underwear and Legwear for stylish hosiery.

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