Aquafil : Chemical regeneration technology fo...

Chemical regeneration technology for rPET

(Source: Aquqfil)
(Source: Aquqfil)

As a global leading company for polyester (PET) virgin and regeneration technology, Aquafil is building a demonstration plant with new EverPET technology in Arco/Italy. This plant will be in the position to produce 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) PET in small scale for customer and test samples for different PET customer applications (bottle, carpets, film, yarn, multi-layer packaging).  
This new unit is based on latest research and lab results of the already proven technology which is used since long time in industrial production. The new demo plant will open up new fields of circular economy, as it will be equipped with the company’s unique new decoloration and multi-layer separation section.
With EverPET technology, polyester waste, such as bottles that can no longer be used or production scrap normally destined for disposal, is recovered and transformed into a new product with having same characteristics as polyester made of virgin raw material. Aquafil Engineering GmbH, Berlin/Germany, have already produced 100% PCR bottles, yarn and film on pilot machines.

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