AMSilk: Increased production of bio-based sil...

Increased production of bio-based silk

(Source: AMSilk)
(Source: AMSilk)

Plans to scale-up production capacity by several thousand tons a year and expand its production network outside of Europe have been announced by AMSilk, a leader in supplying innovative high-performance bio-based silk materials. The company’s scalable biotechnological platform and patent portfolio means it is able to produce large quantities of premium bio-fabricated silk materials in constant quality.
AMSilk GmbH, Munich/Germany, also announced that co-founder and CTO Dr. Lin Römer has stepped down from the management team and board, and will move to a part-time consultancy role supporting AMSilk with his broad and versatile expertise and know-how.
After 14 years, Römer has decided to pursue new opportunities outside of the company. Over the past decade, he has been dedicated to the success and the growth of AMSilk, and he has been instrumental in bringing its biotech products from the lab to industrial scale, resulting in the successful market launch of the world’s first artificial spider silk products.
In May 2022, Klaus Kjeldal was appointed Chief Production Officer and Managing Director to lead the scale-up of AMSilk’s protein production.

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