AATCC: Fiber shedding standard first to addre...

Fiber shedding standard first to address global quantifying

(Source: AATCC)
(Source: AATCC)

A standardized method for quantifying fiber fragment shedding in the ongoing challenge to combat aquatic pollution, AATCC TM212-2021, Test Method for Fiber Fragment Release During Home Laundering, has been developed by the AATCC.

The fragments are sometimes referred to as “microfibers” or “microplastics.”

AATCC TM212 defines standard nomenclature with the terms fiber fragment and microfiber, which address discrepancies that have long been a source of confusion for many who work to tackle pollution. Although unofficial and proprietary methods have been in use, this standardized method from the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC), Research Triangle Park, NC/USA, is the first global standard published to address the issue of quantifying fiber fragment release. The test method was developed and approved by consensus from a diverse group of experts from around the world and across related industries.

AATCC TM212-2021 is now available for purchase.

It will also be included in the AATCC 2022 Manual of International Test Methods and Procedures released January 2022.

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