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Multifilament yarns with low-wicking effect

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Mercedes-Benz Arena Stuttgart

Conventional coated fibers are very prone to the effects of the wicking effect if the coating of the fabric is damaged. Through these zones, water can spread to large areas of the carrier fabric. The PET high strength Lowik Multifilament yarns from the spinning-mill for high tenacity filament yarns The FilamentFactory GmbH (TFF), Bad Hersfeld/Germany, counteracts the absorption effect and prevents the spread of water.

Lowik yarns are treated with a proprietary anti-wicking finish. This effect prevents mold from settling in the fabric. The anti-wicking effect also protects the fabric from soiling due to its reduced capillary action, thus increasing the lifetime of the products.
These yarns also combine high tenacity with a low shrinkage and a high degree of whiteness. The good stability of these yarns helps to maintain the dimensional stability of the fabrics and components. The PVC adhesion can be customized according to the process.
The new yarn family is available in titers from 33-6,600 dtex and if necessary also with twist, according to the requirements.
Applications for these new PET high tenacity filament yarns are architecture, textile constructions and structures, backlighting, canopies, billboards and movable tents, etc.

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