Teijin Frontier: highly water-repellent stret...
Teijin Frontier

highly water-repellent stretchable fabric

new highly water-repellent fabric
new highly water-repellent fabric

The fiber-product converting company Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd., Tokyo/Japan, has developed a new highly water-repellent fabric incorporating enhanced elastic properties.

The new fabric is designed primarily for trousers and outer-clothing applications requiring medium thickness materials.

Based on the company’s existing water repellent fabric, the new design incorporates a convex structure with horizontal surface tension which is smaller than water drops, allowing water to run off the surface smoothly.

The fabric achieves a grade 4 out of 5 in water-repellent rating initially, and a grade 3 rating after being washed 20 times. It is able to stretch by 10%, and maintains water-repellency when stretched thanks to its flexible structure; conventional water-repellent fabrics are unable to achieve similar levels of stretchablility because of the high density of their yarn arrays.

Tokyo Japan

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