Teijin Frontier: Hybrid fiber made with plant...
Teijin Frontier

Hybrid fiber made with plant-derived and recycled materials

Teijin frontier

An eco-friendly plant-derived polymer with a chemically recycled polyester polymer, each featuring different heat-shrinkage characteristics to enable the formation of coiled crimp yarn has been introduced by the fiber-product converting company Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd., Tokyo/Japan.

The new Solotex Eco-Hybrid high-stretch side-by-side (S/S) conjugated fiber represents a new line in Teijin Frontier’s polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT) fiber Solotex family. Solotex Eco-Hybrid filament yarns feature extra stretchability achieved with new technology for conjugating PTT polymer and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) polymer made with chemically recycled raw material, which are then processed to create a crimp structure. Crimp structure is equivalent to that of petroleum-derived raw materials, and dyeability is achieved with optimized yarn-making conditions.
Solotex Eco-Hybrid has the same features as conventional S/S conjugated fiber made with petroleum-derived raw materials. PTT polymer is partly made with plant-derived raw materials and PET polymer is made with chemical recycled raw materials such as used PET fibers. A wide range of fineness, from 33-330 dtex, and filament yarn processing is possible. Yarns made with the new fiber are stretchable and dyeable, equivalent to those of petroleum-derived materials, and soft texture.

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