Teijin Frontier: Extra-absorbent, fast-drying...
Teijin Frontier

Extra-absorbent, fast-drying fabric

Teijin Frontier

An all-new high-absorption, quick-drying fabric inspired by the fine structure of diatomaceous earth used in bath mats has been launched by the fiber-product converting company Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd., Tokyo/Japan.

Composite yarn is processed to swell as longitudinal warp and expand and contract as transverse weft, realizing a fabric surface with a fine uneven structure. The microporous surface structure creates inter-thread voids within a woven structure, using varying shrinkage in composite yarn to form convex parts. While conventional polyester fabrics have a smooth woven structure made with uniform fibers, the new fabric has a fine uneven structure made with random fibers. The new fabric offers very good water absorption and diffusion for quick drying. It also achieves a natural-like appearance and is stretchable. The fabric instantly diffuses moisture, is highly absorbent and dries some 40% faster than ordinary polyester thanks to density difference of uneven layer structure, which has a diatomaceous earth-like surface and a convex part that promotes capillary action. It has very good durability even after 50 washings to maintain the fabric structure’s water-absorption and quick-drying properties. The yarn expands and contracts for moderate stretchability and soft texture and wrinkles less than ordinary polyester.


Tokyo Japan

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