Spinnova/Suzano: 50/50 JV for commercial scal...

50/50 JV for commercial scale sustainable fiber production


An estimated €22 million investment will be made by material innovation company Spinnova Oy, Jyväskylä/Finland, and wood pulp producer Suzano SA, Salvador/Brazil, to build the first commercial scale Spinnova production facility in Finland. The total investment, including all needed infrastructure such as real estate, is estimated to be some €50 million.

Spinnova’s sustainable fiber, created out of wood and waste without the use of harmful chemicals, will be available for global textile brands in 2022. The new, industrial scale production unit will be located in Jyväskylä. Production will be managed and operated by a new joint venture (JV) company owned 50/50 by the 2 companies.
In the JV, Spinnova will be the exclusive technology provider, while Suzano will ensure the supply of sustainably produced micro-fibrillated cellulose obtained from eucalyptus planted in Brazil. With a process that uses no harmful chemicals and 99% less water than the cotton value chain, the fiber produced this way creates minimal CO2 emissions, is quickly biodegradable and contains no microplastics. The Spinnova technology enables textile fiber production out of wood but also from textile waste or agricultural waste such wheat or barley straw.
Further, the H&M Group, Stockholm/Sweden, has announced that it has joined the group of brands in a partnership with Spinnova. Spinnova materials’ cradle to gate emissions are considerably less than those of cotton, and the fiber already works well in blends with other natural fibers.

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