SDL Atlas: Instrument for testing water impac...
SDL Atlas

Instrument for testing water impact penetration


For the measurement of liquid barrier performance for personal protective equipment (PPE) for the medical industry, the supplier of textile testing solutions SDL Atlas LLC, Rock Hill, SC/USA, has developed the Impact Penetration Tester specifically to meet AATCC TM42.

 Originally this guideline was developed to predict for rain penetration. It has now been adopted by the medical industry. The Impact Penetration Tester features a number of attributes deigned to ensure accurate testing including a small blade inside the funnel to allow water to move smoothly through the funnel without any swirling motion, strong clamps to hold the sample firmly in place, a weighted bottom clamp to hold the sample flat and an integrated drip catcher to catch any leftover water from the previous test. An air-bubble on the base shows when the instrument is properly leveled.


Rock Hill USA

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