RadiciGroup: Investments in sustainability wi...

Investments in sustainability with recycled polyamide


With Renycle, the manufacturer of synthetic fibers and yarns, RadiciGroup, Grandino/Italy, introduced a range of yarns obtained from recycled polyamide at the Domotex in Hannover/Germany, on January 10-13, 2020. The company also announced the acquisition of the material recovery company Zeta Polimeri, Buronzo/Italy, with 30 years’ experience in the recovery of synthetic fiber and thermoplastics.
Also at the Domotex, RadiciGroup exhibited a number of solutions for the recovered fibers sector, targeted at fashion fabrics, furnishings and automotive applications. These new products are the result of the company’s vertically integrated polyamide production and the synergies among its various business areas, from chemicals to engineering polymers and synthetic yarns.
Renycle offers the capability to produce yarn for the segments of textile flooring, rugs and fitted carpets, as well as fashionwear. Renycle reduces the need for new raw materials of fossil origin and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life.

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