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Technical textile and thermoplastic innovations

Fig.: Zero Gravity Down Jacket
Fig.: Zero Gravity Down Jacket

A leader in technical textiles and thermoplastic composite solutions with a global platform delivering unique chemistries, technologies and innovations Porcher Industries, Eclose-Badinières/France, presents its latest innovations at the Techtextil 2019.

Porcher Industries presents thermoplastic 5G radome technology developed in cooperation with Meggitt Plc, Christchurch/UK, the award winning non-combustible Flamline fabric as well as a recycled ultra-lightweight fabric for the outdoor sports apparel market.
The company has worked with Meggitt, an international company specializing in advanced components and sub-systems for the aerospace, defense and energy markets, on the development of a new Satcp, radome to support the demand for enhanced 5G communication for in-flight connectivity. A bespoke glass reinforced thermoplastic material for the base structural component was developed. This composite material solution delivers high impact resistance and efficient processing whilst also providing the ability to tune the Dielectric Constant for optimizing 5G air-to-ground transmission. The latest radome material technology can also be applied in other markets such as mobile telecommunications and big data wireless networks, enhancing the development of lighter, higher-performing and longer lasting antenna enclosures.   
Displayed on the stand is the award-winning product Flamline. This non-combustible glass fabric combines a high level of fire safety with creative design. It is intended for various indoor public spaces such as cinemas, theaters and hospitals, as acoustic wall panels or sunscreens, as well as for transportation including cruise-ships, trains and buses. Available in different weave patterns and numerous colors, Flamline was announced as the winner of the Excellent Product Design Award in the Materials & Surfaces Category at the German Design Awards 2019 earlier this year.
Porcher Sports, the sports and leisure division of the company, has developed a recycled ultra-light fabric for its customer Berg Outdoor, Porto/Portugal. Berg Outdoor’s Zero Gravity Down Jacket is made out of 2nd grade waste parachute fabric and other recycled components. The top layer of the jacket uses Porcher Sport’s recycled ultra-light weight parachute fabric that has been treated with an in-house formulated coating which is both water repellent and designed to resist the harshest of conditions. Grade B sections of the parachute material are recycled rather than scrapped and were specifically chosen for their extreme tear resistance, and foldable, easily packable, light weight attributes.

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