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Oerlikon Nonwoven

Efficient production of highly-bulky yarns

Oerlikon Nonwoven

Not only in the home textiles sector, but also in the automobile industry high-quality textiles bulky polyester filament yarns are used


To date, DTY yarns up to 1200 den (1333 dtex) with up to 784 filaments have been plied from 4 POY 300d/192f bobbins using DTY machines. This process has the disadvantage that half of the texturing machine’s available winder positions are not used.

Here, the machine and system builder Oerlikon Barmag, Chemnitz/Germany, a subsidiary of the Oerlikon Manmade Fibers segment of Oerlikon Management AG, Pfäffikon/Switzerland, offers a solution that can produce high-titer yarns with maximum machine efficiency. The spinning concept is a winding unit with WINGD HD in conjunction with an automatic eAFK Big V Multispindle texturing machine.

12 Poy packages of up to 600d/576f are produced in the spinning process using WINGS HD 1800. This is made possible as a result of an additional godet which ensures that the high yarn tensions developing in the process are reduced to the yarn tensions common in the case of the winding process to date.

The eAFK Big V Multispindle texturing machine is based on the Multispindle concept with 2 individual friction rows. The high individual titers of up to 600 den (667 dtex)  per single filament can be textured using more powerful godet motors, a more powerful friction unit and a 2,5 m heater. The straight configuration of heater and cooling unit ensures a particularly gentle yarn handling with a simultaneous drawing/crimping process.

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