Oerlikon: Journey into the future of man-made...

Journey into the future of man-made fiber production


The Manmade Fibers Segment of technology group Oerlikon Management AG, Pfäffikon/Switzerland, invites the visitors to this year's ITMA on a journey into the future of manmade fiber production.

Its vision of a sustainable and automated man-made fiber production will be shown in a virtual 4D showroom. 4 world premieres for efficient machine and plant concepts in a new innovative industrial design will be presented: machine and system concepts from WINGS FDY PA6, BCF S8 Tricolor and the eAFK Evo texturing machine.
Price pressure on fiber and yarn manufacturers is growing due to global market consolidation. Are you producing polyester, nylon or polypropylene for the niche market and skimming off good margins with innovative products and ingenious material properties, or are you looking for business success through economies of scale in the volume market such as the constantly growing apparel sector? Solutions for both business models are offered from one source.
Oerlikon will also be showing how automation and digitalization interact. Self-learning machines and systems, artificial intelligence (AI), remote services and edge computing are just a few of the key words in the digital half of the new Oerlikon Manmade Fibers DNA.
The qualities of the fibers and yarns must meet the highest demands and their production must be traceable throughout the textile value chain. This no longer only plays an important role in the automotive industry, where safety is of paramount importance. Other branches of industry that use fibers, yarns and nonwovens also want to know where the raw materials they produce for consumer articles come from. Legal regulations are demanding this more and more frequently. Oerlikon offers optimal solutions with its DIN ISO certified manufacturing processes.
In the future, the materials produced from man-made fibers must become part of a further improved global recycling economy. The recycling of polyester – with over 80% market share the most frequently used man-made fiber in the world – has not only been on the agenda since today. The company already has solutions at hand: from PET bottles to fibers and filaments, to textiles and carpets. The next step follows at the ITMA - with the VacuFil Oerlikon, in cooperation with the subsidiary company BBEngineering, presents a recycling solution within a running polyester production with a waste-free approach.

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