Oerlikon: Innovative distance-warning technol...

Innovative distance-warning technology warns employees


The technology company Oerlikon Corporation AG, Pfäffikon/Switzerland, is relying on an innovative technical solution to protect its employees from infections during operations

At Oerlikon’s plants in Switzerland and Germany, the company has piloted the sensor-based technology SafeZone form Munich-based start-up Kinexon. Deployment is planned for the global Oerlikon network.

SafeZone is a technology that allows the distance between employees to be measured with centimeter accurancy. The technology is based on an industry radio standard. Employees wear a sensor either on their wrist or as a trag. If 2 sensors fall below the defined minimum distance of for example 1,5 m a warning tone sounds. By wearing a SafeZone sensor, employees can dispense with face masks for activities that do not require close cooperation if they are not required by occupational safety law. In the event of an infection, software enables contact chains to be tracked precisely and the affected units can be narrowed down.


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