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200,000 different shades of carpet yarn


Updates to the carpet yarn system BCF S8 now allow for an even more flexible and even color separation. Individually controllable air pressures per color in the new, patent-pending Color Pop Compacting Unit (CPC-T) provide a pre-tangling, which results in an accentuation of the colors and thus enables over 200,000 different shades.

 Thanks to the new design, the CPC-T is able to produce highly color-separated or accentuated BCF yarns from polyamide 6. It is suitable for processes with low thread tensions, as well. The updated BCF S8 platform will be displayed at the Domotex in Hannover/Germany, on January 10-13, 2020.
Significant technological changes to the RoTac³ tangle unit also lead to even more efficient BCF yarn tangling. On the one hand, the nozzle has been optimized flow-wise so that the air pressure can be reduced by approx. 10% compared to the previous version with the same knot strength. Furthermore, the nozzle bearing arrangements have been improved. As a result, either higher speeds or nozzle rings with a higher number of holes can be driven, which results in even more knots in the yarn. The RoTac³ is part of the standard scope of delivery for the newer BCF S8. The tangle unit is optionally available for the single-thread Sytec One plant as well as for the three-thread S+ and can be retrofitted on request.
Oerlikon Manmade Fibers also offers another system concept based on a POY and texturing process. This configuration is designed for a carpet and home textile product range, which is based on a very soft and puffy polyester thread with BCF-like properties due to the small dpf. The machine concept consists of the well-known WINGS HD POY winder and the new eAFK Big-V texturing machine.

Oerlikon Domotex

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