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Environmentally-friendly polyester yarns with additive technology


The yarn spinning and dyeing company Meridian Specialty Yarn Group, Inc. (MSYG), Valdese, NC/USA, is now offering polyester yarns processed with Ciclo technology, which allows polyester fibers to break down in landfills and the ocean at rates comparable to a natural fiber like wool.

MSYG’s new yarns with Ciclo technology from Intrinsic Advanced Materials, LLC (IAM), Gastonia, NC/USA, can be treated with antimicrobials proven effective at reducing exposure to viral infections and have the same wearability, durability, functionality, and performance characteristics as polyester. At the same time, when thrown away, CiCLO yarns reduce the persistence of synthetic textile accumulation in landfills and synthetic fiber fragments in the ocean.
The yarn is being processed in MSYG’s new manufacturing plant in Valdese, which opened in July 2019. The plant has been engineered to use a lot less water and power than comparable textile operations and generates much less effluent as a byproduct of the dyeing and drying process.
The chemistry used to create Ciclo fibers is Eco Passport by Oeko-Tex certified. Extensive testing by reliable 3rd party laboratories over several years has proven that Ciclo technology fibers and yarns are effective at reducing synthetic fiber accumulation in landfills and microfiber pollution in the oceans.
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