Kraig Biocraft: Nearly pure spider silk
Kraig Biocraft

Nearly pure spider silk

Kraig Biocraft

The producer of genetically engineered spider silk-based fibers Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc., Ann Arbor, MI/USA, has developed a new technology  for spider silk with a purity rate that is about 10 times greater than Dragon Silk, a fiber that the company developed with its previous tools. Dragon Silk has already demonstrated to be tougher than many fibers used in bullet proof vests and Kraig Biocraft expects that the increased spider silk purity, created using this new approach, will yield materials beyond those capabilities.

This new system utilizes the company’s eco-friendly and cost effective silkworm production system. It is based on a non-CRISPR gene editing knock-in knock-out technology. Other than the silkworm’s remaining specifically desired native silk protein elements, it is now possible to produce nearly pure spider silk. This technology allows Kraig Biocraft to work with very complex protein sequences in silkworm, which are about 4 times more complex than published technologies.
The validation process for the 1st of these new transgenics and anticipates US production to be possible as early as 2022 or 2023 has already begun.

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