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Kelheim Fibres

Minerals embedded in sustainable plant-based fibers

Kelheim Fibres

The introduction of nature-based Celliant Viscose will be the first in-fiber infrared sustainable solution on the market and meets the consumer demand for more environmentally friendly textiles. Produced in a partnership between the manufacturer of viscose specialty fibers Kelheim Fibres GmbH, Kelheim/Germany, and technology company Hologenix, Huntington Beach, CA/USA,

Celliant Viscose will be launched at the virtual ISPO Munich 2021 on February 1-5, 2021.
Celliant Viscose is a finalist in Best Products by ISPO and will be showcased in the Fibers & Insulations Category for ISPO Textrends, where realistic views and 3D simulations will be available for each material. As an alternative to synthetic fibers and very versatile, it blends with cotton, micro-modal, lyocell, and wool varieties including cashmere. It also has many applications across industries as e.g. for performance wear, luxury loungewear, casual wear and bedding.
The product features natural, ethically sourced minerals embedded into plant-based fibers to create infrared products that capture and convert body heat into infrared, increasing local circulation and improved cellular oxygenation. This results in stronger performance, faster recovery and better sleep.
As opposed to other IR viscose products which are coatings based, Celliant Viscose’s in-fiber solution increases wearability and longevity with a soft feel, durability from washing and longer life. The combination of technologies creates a fiber with full functionality without the need for any additional processing step, which also makes it more cost-effective and time-efficient than coatings.
In addition, Kelheim’s flexible technology allows targeted interventions in the viscose fiber process. By modifying the fiber’s dimensions or cross-sections or by incorporating additives into the fiber matrix, the fiber’s properties can be precisely defined according to the specific needs of the end product.

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