Kelheim Fibres: Innovative fiber solutions
Kelheim Fibres

Innovative fiber solutions

Kelheim Fibres

The viscose fiber manufacturer Kelheim Fibres GmbH, Kelheim/Germany, will present solutions for insulation materials, disinfectant wipes and supply chain transparency.

With dry short cut viscose fibers, the company contributes to energy saving: fibers with an extremely fine titer are processed along with pyrogenic silica to vacuum insulation panels (VIPs). With their specific properties, viscose fibers contribute reinforcement and allow for permanent dimensional stability.
Vacuum insulation panels offer the same insulation effect as rock wool with only 1/10 the thickness. Such panels are used for example in refrigerators and freezers, as well as in building insulation. Transport logistics that demands an uninterrupted cold chain is another promising future market for these specialty fibers.
The new viscose specialty fiber, Danufil QR is specifically designed for use in disinfectant wipes. While standard viscose fibers, due to their negative ionic charge, bind up to 80% of “quats” (quarternary ammonium compounds, a common disinfectant) and so hinder their actual purpose, the positively charged Danufil QR fiber can reduce this undesired effect to less than 10%. Softness, very good fluid management and full biodegradability are the typical properties of viscose fibers – with the use of Danufil QR, disinfectant wipes can now also benefit from these.
Supply chain transparency and protection against forgery is another topic: a marker fiber enables the – invisible for the human eye, but definite and even customer-specific – coding of products. So, the traceability of a product can be guaranteed, and customers and manufacturers can be protected from possible economic damages by plagiarism.
Alongside these new fibers, Kelheim Fibres will showcase well-known specialty fibers as well as a range of new development projects.

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