Idvac: Antimicrobial properties on fabrics th...

Antimicrobial properties on fabrics through vacuum metallizing


Vacuum metallizing allows the deposition of materials in a clean, dry environment and can be done at high speed to reduce the cost of the end product. Idvac Ltd., Manchester/UK, specializes in the development of new vacuum processes and products for security and decorative holograms, packaging and solar window film sectors has recently developed a novel process to use vacuum metallizing

technique to deposit a thin layer of polymer on flexible substrates such as polyester and fabric. This Idvac polymer coated PET film presented very good antimicrobial properties and the process does not involve any solvent or wet chemicals. Testing of the antimicrobial properties of this polymer coating was carried out by Gencoa Ltd., Liverpool/UK, using its new Gencoa-Miller testing method. The Gencoa-Miller method has been developed as a new method for evaluating antimicrobial efficacy in order to facilitate the fast research and development of antimicrobial coatings. The test result showed very good properties, >= Log 5 equivalent or about 100% on Gencoa-Miler scale. Idvac is conducting further biochemical/biomedical investigation of this polymer coating against some viruses and may possibly include Covid-19 virus. Polyester, cotton fabric or paper filters coated with this polymer could be used to make antimicrobial face masks, hospital bed sheets, air filters and protective clothing for health applications.



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