I.S.T.: New high-tech fiber with ultra-high t...

New high-tech fiber with ultra-high tensile strength


For the first time worldwide the technology group Industrial. Summit. Technology. Corp. (I.S.T), Otsu/Japan, presented the new high-tech polyimide fiber Imidetex to the sport market at the Ispo Munich 2020 from January 26-29, 2020 in Munich/Germany.

While Imidetex has an ultra-high tensile strength equivalent to the aramid fiber Kevlar, it is also characterized by additional features, bringing infinite opportunities to enhance sporting goods and the quality of athletes’ life alike.
A super-fiber made of polyimide resin, widely used in the outer space, Imidetex is based on a unique ultra-violet stable and high temperature resistant polymer, to grant very good features in equipment and parts. The fiber has very high tensile strength and modulus allowing products made of the fiber to stand heavy loads.
For example, a rope made of Imidetex is 80% lighter than steel ropes of comparable strength. The fiber also has low water absorption and very good UV resistance, which make it possible to play active roles in various fields including outdoor and sports scenes in harsh environments that other conventional para-aramid fibers could not fulfill.

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