Gneuss: Reliable, trouble-free melt filtratio...

Reliable, trouble-free melt filtration of reclaim


Melt filtration should not have any disturbing influence on the production process. If in-house waste and heavily contaminated post-consumer waste are added to the production process, foreign particles of various sizes and quantities are introduced into the melt flow. These have to be filtered out efficiently to ensure a consistent and high quality of the end product.

With the unique Rotary Technology, of Gneuß Kunststofftechnik GmbH, Bad Oeynhausen/Germany, the conditions in the melt flow are permanently constant, i.e. the pressure drop across the screen or the amount of contamination on the screen, respectively, is kept constant, so that the line can always be operated in the optimum range.
This is achieved by the rotating movement of the filter disk, with which the screens are transported through the melt channel. A control system ensures that the screen contamination remains constant. As soon as the contamination load varies, the control system reacts automatically and changes the rotational speed of the filter disk. The pressure across the system thus remains constant. The only non-constant variable in the filtration process is the rotational speed of the filter disk.


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