FibrXL: 2 business units up and running

2 business units up and running


FibrXL, the result of the merge of the 3 companies Lumat Group BV, Almere/Netherlands, Dominion Fiber Technologies Inc., Richmond, VA/USA, and EuroFibers BV, Maastricht/Netherlands, began trading in January 2020. FibrXL now consists of 2 business units, each with a different approach, but from the same solid and reliable family, with a long track record.

FibrXL Industrial, Almere/Netherlands, is the business unit responsible for industrial fibers like polyester, polyamide, and viscose. The company is a leading distributor of industrial yarns in Europe, Africa and the Americas.
Business unit FibrXL Performance, Beek/Netherlands, operates in the area of high-performance fibers and enhancing services. The high-performance fibers are engineered for specific uses that require exceptional strength, stiffness, heat resistance, or chemical resistance. All products are available in a wide range of titers and supplied in many different form factors: flat or twisted, assembled, engineered or chopped to customer specification.

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