Dolan: European Carbon Fiber sold to Solvay

European Carbon Fiber sold to Solvay

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Dolan Holding GmbH, Kelheim/Germany, has sold European Carbon Fiber GmbH (ECF), Kelheim, to the chemical company Solvay SA, Brussels/Belgium. ECF produces high-quality precursor for large-tow (50K) polyacrylonitrile-based (PAN-based) carbon fibers.

In April 2015, Alpina Partners, Wiesbaden/Germany, and Dr. Jan Verdenhalven acquired ECF from the manufacturer of cellulosic fibers Lenzing AG, Lenzing/Austria, through a holding company together with Dolan GmbH, a leading producer of spun-dyed acrylic fibers. Dolan is not part of the transaction.

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