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Barnet Europe

Tech Fiber Upcycling – from a vest into a car

Sustainability is gaining in importance in our society. Where resources are scarce and materials are difficult to obtain, the qualitative reprocessing of waste takes on a new meaning.

For technical fibers, this is truer than ever because high-performance fiber materials are per se expensive and limited. Waste of a good quality accumulates in a wide range of industries, and many post-industrial processes sort out material which, although it no longer meets certain requirements, can still be a valuable raw material for other applications. The art lies in knowing the “intelligence” of a material and taking full advantage of all its positive characteristics rather than limiting it to a few specific properties.
However, many hi-tech materials require a specific preparation process for which not only the technical possibilities but also the relevant know-how are required. At Barnet Europe GmbH & Co. KG, Aachen/Germany, customized fibers can be produced to the highest quality standards.
Whether aramid, carbon or PBO: the company is specialized in the targeted reprocessing of waste and residues for the production of new, high-quality fiber materials. As a link between source and outlet, a contribution is made to resource efficiency and supply, and tailor-made products are produced – Upcycling in the best sense.       

Barnet Europe

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