BB Engineering: Vacuum filter for IV setting
BB Engineering

Vacuum filter for IV setting

Visco machine (Source: BB Engineering)
Visco machine (Source: BB Engineering)

The melt filter portfolio of BB Engineering GmbH, Remscheid/Germany, has been expanded to include a patented large-area vacuum filter designed especially for processing polyester (PET) waste. The so-called Visco+ filter is already known as the key component of the BB Engineering VacuFil recycling system. Now, it is also available as a separate and easily-integratable upgrade component for existing systems. Within this context, the uses of the Visco+ are by no means limited to just decontamination.

If an existing production system is struggling with IV fluctuations, the Visco+ is able to actively intervene and balance out any irregularities for IV homogenization. If the final viscosity is insufficient when processing recycled materials, the Visco+ can increase the IV without the negative impact of long residence times.

The result is a pure, homogeneous melt with controllable IV values and consistent quality. The Visco+ is particularly suitable for recycling PET waste that is to be reused for high-end products.


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