1st Dornbirn-GFC Startup-Days: Fiber based on...
1st Dornbirn-GFC Startup-Days

Fiber based on wood from mangrove plantations

Macun International

The startup Macun International GmbH, Zurich/Switzerland, develops a new textile fiber based on wood from sustainable mangrove plantations.

In 2008, the company was founded by Dr. Hans-Ludwig Dankwardt who worked before as personal advisor to the Minister of Agriculture and fisheries Wealth of the Sultanate of Oman. Dankwardt developed project ideas and possible applications for seawater plants due to the extensive hot and arid coastline.
Dankwardts idea is the application development for seawater plants, to produce a new bio-based textile fiber. Sustainable mangrove plantations needs no freshwater, no pesticides, they are not burning and are not competing with land for agricultural purposes. The new bio-based textile fiber has the potential to replace fiber based today on plastic, cotton, eucalyptus, hemp or bamboo.
The business model of the company is to develop the entire value chain from design and management of sustainable mangrove plantations including production of pulps as raw material for new textile fiber, together with local and global partners.
The startup was presented at the 1st Startup-Days of the 58th Dornbirn Global Fiber Congress (Dornbirn GFC) in Dornbirn/Austria from September 11-12, 2019.

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