Hyosung TNC: New Textile Global Marketing Dir...
Hyosung TNC

New Textile Global Marketing Director

(Source: Pexels)
(Source: Pexels)

Simon Whitmarsh-Knight is the new Textile Global Marketing Director of Hyosung TNC.  In this position he will lead Hyosung’s global marketing of the textile fiber brands creora elastane, Mipan polyamide, and specialty polyester fibers to deliver continuous innovation, superior value, and collaborative services throughout the textile value chain.
Whitmarsh-Knight brings sales, marketing, and team-building experience growing business across the specialty fiber, technical textile and performance apparel. Before joining Hyosung TNC, Seoul/South Korea, he was Managing Director of HD Wool Active Insulation, Shipley/UK, EMEA Marketing Director for Hyosung, and previously, Invista, S.à.r.l., Wichita, KS/USA. He will be based in the UK and will support the team and will connect with leading international, brands, retailers, and value chain partners.

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